Tuesday, 24 August 2010

A világ jelenlegi legnagyobb felbontású, 1.4 Gigapixeles digitális kamerája

             World's Largest 38000x38000 pixels Digital Camera to Watch for Killer Asteroids

Source: www.gizmowatch.com
The Pan-STARRS PS1 telescope  snaps a 1,400-megapixel shot of a section of sky as large as 36 full moons—a view 3,600 times larger than the Hubble Space Telescope’s main camera. One of these images would produce a 300-dpi print covering half a basketball court.

In total the telescope gathers enough data to fill a thousand DVDs (nearly five terabytes) every night and maps a sixth of the sky each month. It can also see objects ten times fainter than previous surveys.

Built at Manoa’s Institute for Astronomy in Honolulu at the University of Hawaii, the gigapixel camerahas been installed on the Pan STARRS-1 telescope on Haleskala, Maui. While the silicon chips used in the camera are developed in collaboration with Lincoln Laboratory of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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