Friday, 3 December 2010

Reményteljes innovatív technológiák

Az Európai Bizottság legfrissebb innovációs stratégiai dokumentuma a címsorra klikkelve tölthető le.
For the first time, the Innovation Union sets outs a comprehensive innovation strategy for Europe. The Innovation Union is one of the seven flagship initiatives of the Europe 2020 Strategy for a smart, sustainable and inclusive economy.
Innovation as described in the Innovation Union plan broadly means change that speeds up and improves the way we conceive, develop, produce and access new products and services. Changes that create more jobs, improve people's lives and build greener and better societies."
Legutóbb a tengerentúlon összeállítás készült néhány ígéretes, innovatív, új technológia kifejlesztőjéről. Érdemes felkeresni honlapjaikat egy látogatás erejéig. Forrás: az amerikai szövetségi kormány főinformatikusának weboldala. Íme a lista:

  • Cleversafe – Smart way to save your data in the cloud. Clever and Safe.

  • AdaptivEnergy – Capture energy from vibrations.

  • Qynergy – New battery technology.

  • Infinite Power Solutions – Thin-film batteries to power RFID.

  • ThingMagic – Advanced RFID solutions.

  • GainSpan – WiFi enablement.

  • Image Tree Corp – Figure out what is growing on the earth.

  • Fortius One – Advanced, easy geospatial.

  • Geosemble – Map people, places, things using data from RSS feeds and tweets.

  • LensVector – Taking moving parts out of cameras.

  • 3VR – Video analytics.

  • Recorded Future – Gain knowledge of the future by looking for events mentioned on the net.

  • Visible Technologies – Analysis.

  • FMS – Analysis.

  • StreamBase – Capture and analyze data in stream.

  • Destineer Studios – Advanced immersive environments.

  • Sonitus Medical – hear from your teeth.

  • Basis Technology – Search in multi-languages

  • Innovate America:

    Japánban az innovációs stratégiáról és a kiemelt területek jegyzékéről az alábbi forrásmunkákból is tájékozódni lehet:

    Innovation 25 "The five concepts or themes are as follows: (1) setting ambitious goals and anticipating future challenges; (2) timely and effective responses to globalization and the information revolution; (3) the significance of the perspective of ordinary citizens; (4) reform toward a society filled with diversity and possibilities; and (5) the primary importance of human resource development
    Innovation Network Corporation Initiative " The third S&T Basic Plan (2006-2010) was published with a long term strategic guideline adopted in June 2007, “Innovation 25”, focusing on four priority promotion areas: Life Science, IT, Environmental Sciences, Nanotech & Materials. The current financial and economic crisis has put more emphasis on this area and the Japanese stimulus package gave an opportunity to various sectors of the economy to finance Innovation directly and indirectly."

    A világ innováció szempontjából legfejlettebb országait az Economist Intelligence Unit rangsorolja és itt kérdezhetők le országonként a sajátosságok:

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